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Introduce DeXTER™ Universal Desktop Display Extensioner

Mar 2016

Aqurus Inc introduces a USB 3.0 Universal Dock combined with a Free-Hovering Monitor Arm. It enable users to connect a smart device to a big screen(s), 2x USB 3.0, 4x USB 2.0 devices and gigabyte ethernet so as to work as a conventional desktop workstation. As it's the world's first Universal Desktop Display Extensioner, it is named as "DeXTER™"

Touchscreen USB Monitors

Oct 2014

Aqurus Inc., starts providing Touchscreen USB monitor in 7"/10.1" screen sizes. With it's smallest foot-print and the lowest cost of entry into Touchscreen Technology, The products are ideal for Commercial, Industrial, Medial and Educational systems that require Interactive Touchscreen Interface.

QuadLinks™ Patent registered

Apr 24, 2014

Tegether with its' extended Samrt phone mounting- arm ass'y (Feb 24, 2014), QuadLinks™ product patent is registered in Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) as an Invention Patent as of Apr 24, 2015


Capacitive Touchscreen Panels

Jan 24, 2014

Aqurus Inc., start providing Customized Capacitive Touchscreen Panels for Smart Devices, Monitors, Open Frames & etc. for small and medium sized Engineering Requests from customers.

Available from 4" to max 22", the touch panel supports either conventional I2C or USB interface for various application purpose.


QuadLinks™ at IFA 2013, Berlin

September 6-11

Aqrus Inc., introduced its latest smart phone docking station named QuadLinks™. The product provides Android smart phones with charging, 4xUSB OTG external device connectivities and MHL video output pass -through.

The product's main concept is to enable a samrt phone working as a semi-PC for office and home users.   

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Touchscreen USB Monitors


Aqurus Inc. provides Capacitive Multi-touch Screen Panels for Smart Device, USB Monitors & Open Frames. 


. Display Size : 10.1-inch wide screen

. Touchscreen I/F : 10-point multi-touch(Cap.)

. Resolution : 1024x600(SVGA)

. Brightness : 200cd

. Contrast Ratio : 500:1

. Response Time : 16ms.

. Interface : USB Mini-B type (5-pin)

. Power ratings : DC 5V USB Power/3.3~4.9W


Capacitive Touchscreen USB Monitor Open Frame
Touchscreen Display Open Frames


. Structure : Touch panel+LCD+Bracket+AD B/D

. Display Size : 7"/10.1"/Custom

. Touchscreen Type : Capacitive (5~10-point)

. Resolution : 1024x600 / 1280x800

. Contrast Ratio : 500:1

. Interface : I2C / USB

. Power ratings : DC 5V / Less than 10W

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